Paulsboro, New Jersey

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BP has a strong commitment to being involved in the communities in which it operates. Over the years, BP has sponsored community events, funded special projects for Paulsboro's school and supported worthy organizations.

Dr. Frank Scambria (left) and School Board Vice-President Bonnie Eastlock thanked BP Operations Project Manger Sasa Jazic (right) for BP's donation to the school district.

Paulsboro, New Jersey school board recognizes BP for donation
Funds will help schools obtain technology they otherwise could not afford

The Paulsboro, New Jersey School Board recognized BP for a $20,000 donation it made to local schools.

The Board distributed $5,000 each to the community's elementary, middle and high schools and $5,000 to the special education program.

Dr. Frank Scambia, the Superintendent of Schools, said the money would mainly go to new technology. “This contribution gives us an opportunity to do some things we otherwise couldn't do. It will be put to good use.”

Director of Special Services John Giovannitti said, “Our school principals are eying technology like smartboards and IPADs and new educational programs.”

Sasa Jazic, one of BP's Operations Project Managers said, “BP is committed to promoting the future of Paulsboro by supporting the redevelopment of our former terminal into a brand-new, state-of-the-art port facility. Donating to the local schools is one more important way we can support this community's future.”

Jazic noted that the BP recognition came shortly after the student of the month awards were presented. “It felt really good to see the faces of these bright kids who will directly benefit from BP's donation.”

Paulsboro remediation site parcel may see commercial use

At the time BP leased the terminal to the Borough for the redevelopment as a port (2006) it included an adjoining 11 acre parcel located on the shore of the Delaware River. The long term vision of then Mayor John Burzichelli was that the parcel would be developed with revenues from the port when it became operational for commercial use (shops, restaurants, etc.), thus further benefitting the community.