Paulsboro, New Jersey

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Groundwater CEA

In conjunction with the ongoing environmental cleanup efforts at the Former BP Paulsboro Terminal (Site), the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) established what is known as a groundwater Classification Exception Area (CEA). A CEA identifies areas where chemical concentrations in groundwater are above the NJDEP's groundwater quality standards.

A comprehensive environmental investigation, findings of which were documented in a report approved by NJDEP in 2007 and presented to the community at a public meeting in 2008, demonstrated that there were no impacts from historic terminal operations to the community's drinking water, nor were there any off-site vapor intrusion risks to properties neighboring the site here in Paulsboro. The results of continued monitoring by BP since that time indicate there have been no adverse changes in off-site conditions, and groundwater control and cleanup measures put in place by BP continue to be protective of human health and the environment. The CEA for this Site was established in February 2009 in conjunction with a long-term groundwater cleanup plan and continues to be recertified in accordance with NJDEP requirements.

The next CEA recertification will be in May 2019 at the time a NJDEP Groundwater Remediation Permit is required to be issued for the Site. Thereafter, the CEA will be recertified every two years, ensuring that BP's engineering and institutional controls are being properly maintained to be protective of public health and of the environment.

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