Paulsboro, New Jersey

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This Former Fuel Terminal is now open for business as the Paulsboro Marine Terminal
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BP is employing a variety of remediation technologies to clean up the former terminal site
Working closely with the NJDEP, BP has developed the final remedial action plans for the site, has completed certain soil cleanup aspects of those plans, and has installed and been operating a wide variety of technologies to complete the final phase of cleaning up this large and complicated site. more››


BP clears the way for new Port of Paulsboro project
In March of 2017 state and local leaders welcomed the First Ship at the former BP terminal in Paulsboro, New Jersey that turned a brownfield into a powerhouse of economic development.


The Former Paulsboro Terminal Site: fueling this area's economy for more than 70 years
The former Paulsboro Terminal site has a long history in southwest New Jersey, fueling this area's economy for more than 70 years. The site first came to use during World War One when fueling tanks were built to support the War effort.